The 'SAP' Building Blocks

The SAP building blocks are used to interact with SAP GUI with lighting fast speed and precision. 

SAP GUI is a complex application with hundreds of different user interface controls and actions that can be performed. Leapwork's dedicated SAP GUI building blocks make it very easy to automate SAP GUI with its four building blocks:

  • The “Start SAP” block is used open SAP GUI, connect to any named environment or connection string and perform a login, either with a username and password combination or single sign-on (Active Directory).

  • The “Close SAP” block is used to close any open SAP GUI window, regardless of whether it was opened with the “Start SAP” block or by other means.

  • The “Validate SAP” block is used to validate that an expected value, such as a number or text, is found in a user interface field or component. This block can be added directly from within the SAP recorder.

  • The “SAP Action” block is used to perform any necessary action on any user interface element or component. You of course get full control over all locators, actions, values and parameters from inside the blocks.