All 3 platform elements in Leapwork (Studio, Controller, Agent) logs debug information into physical files. These are located in the “Logs” folder under the Leapwork installation folder (typically ‘c:\Program Files\LEAPTEST\Logs’ or ‘c:\Program Files\LEAPWORK\Logs’).

All 3 log files are archived daily and older logs files are placed in ‘Logs\Archive’.

The logging is based on the NLog framework (https://nlog-project.org/) and allows for customized setups if needed. To override the default logging configurations, add nlog.config files with the changed configuration into the installation folders of the 3 Leapwork elements (‘Studio’, ‘Controller’, ‘Agent’ folders).

The default logging can be found in this example configuration: nlog-advanced

The log files are used for error finding and troubleshooting – often involving Leapwork Support and Leapwork partners.