SAP Action

The SAP Action building block is used to perform different actions on an SAP element.

Fully expanded, the SAP Action block shows the following properties:

The Block Header (“SAP Action”)

The green input connector in the header is used to trigger the block to start executing.

The green output connector in the header triggers when the element has been successfully found and the specified action has been performed successfully in the element.

The title of the block (“SAP Action”) can be changed by double-clicking on it and typing in a new title.

Select SAP Element

This property contains the locator for the SAP element to be found.

An SAP element can be captured by right-clicking on the property and selecting “Capture new element”. 

When you capture a new element, the SAP Element Type and Target fields will be auto populated as shown in the below screenshot:

SAP Element Type

This property contains the type of SAP Element which we have captured from the Select SAP Element. 


This property contains the value of SAP Target which we have captured from the Select SAP Element. This is a editable field and we can make it dynamic.

Wildcards and Tokens can be used in the Target field to make automation script more flexible and dynamic in nature. To insert the wildcard, click on insert token and select the wildcard option.

Ex: [5,"Lo(wildcard)"] it will fetch fifth element starts with Lo.

Text fields

These fields enable the use of external values (dynamic data) in the “Target”.

To use the value of an added field, right-click the text field above where the Target can be entered and select “Insert token”, then insert the field’s name.

Fields can be renamed by double-clicking on them. The tokens will change their visual appearance accordingly.


This property contains the list of actions which can be performed on an SAP element. Set of actions vary depending on the SAP Element type. As soon as you change the Action from the drop-down the new fields appear based on your selection such as Attribute Name, Value, Vkey etc. 

Since we have selected Set attribute as an Action, the Attribute name and Value fields appeared.


The property lists all of the possible attributes of the SAP Element and vary depending on the SAP Element type and Action type.


This property returns the value of the attribute.

Not found


This green output connector triggers if the SAP element is not found before the timeout (see below). This is typically used to branch execution flow or to explicitly fail a case by linking it to a Fail block.


Default timeout


If the 'Default Timeout' checkbox is unchecked, the timeout value is 10 seconds. If the 'Default Timeout' checkbox is checked, the 'Default timeout' value selected in the flow settings will be applied.