Get All Variables


'Get All Variables' returns a list of all permanent variables. These variables are static across the Leapwork Controller and should not be confused with the variables used to trigger a Schedule.

Request URL




curl -X GET --header 'Accept: application/json' --header 'AccessKey: Mo87Nc4qDAtzJNDb' 'http://{controllerMachine}:{controllerPort}/api/v4/variables'


$headers = @{}
Invoke-WebRequest -Uri "http://{controllerMachine}:{controllerPort}/api/v4/variables" -ContentType "application/json" -Headers $headers -Method GET

Response Body

List of Variables:

        "$id": "1",
        "Name": "Var2",
        "Value": {
            "$id": "2",
            "$type": "Leapwork.Models.Models.LDataTypes.LText, Leapwork.Models",
            "Value": "500"
        "$id": "3",
        "Name": "Var1",
        "Value": {
            "$id": "4",
            "$type": "Leapwork.Models.Models.LDataTypes.LText, Leapwork.Models",
            "Value": "100"


Response fields

Field Type Description Values
$id string ID of internal object  
Name string Name of the variable  
Value LSignal Object holds values for the variable "$id", "$type", "Value"
LSignal Object    
$id string ID of internal object  
Type Leapwork.Models.Models.LDataTypes.Ltext Static data type  
Value string Value of in the variable  

Response Code

200 (OK)

401 (Unauthorized,incorrect access key)

500 (Internal Server Error)