Emergency Admin User

The Emergency Admin User ensures secure initial setup and access, provides critical system recovery options, and enables flexible role management. This user enhance security compliance by enforcing robust password policies and offering essential administrative controls, crucial for maintaining system integrity and continuity in operations.

Note: To activate this user, you must complete the setup procedure.

When you open the system, it will automatically log you in. Next, you'll be prompted to set a password for the session. Remember to follow the established password policies when choosing your password. Emer_Admin_1

Password Policy for Emergency Admin User

To ensure robust security and compliance, a new stringent password policy for the Emergency Admin User is established. Within this user the password must be changed every log in.

This policy requires the creation of strong, secure passwords, the default values are:

  • Password Length: Must be at least 15 characters.
  • Character Diversity: Include both uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • Complexity: Must contain numbers and special characters.
  • History Restriction: Cannot be any of the user's previous 12 passwords.


Note: To adjust the password policy settings, please make changes directly in the configuration file.

Your user account will be locked for 30 minutes if you enter an incorrect password during login after changing your password. Emer_Admin_3

Emergency Admin in user management

Other users cannot edit or delete the Emergency Admin user, nor can they modify the password for this account, to prevent unauthorized changes that could compromise system security.

Additionally, the Emergency Admin user's credentials and roles cannot be modified via any API, preventing external programs or scripts from altering the user's status or permissions.