Handle Electron Alert

Handle Electron Alert

Building Block Header

The green input connector (top left) triggers this block to begin execution.

The green output connector (top right) is triggered when an Electron alert is successfully handled.

You can always change the header text of a block by double-clicking on it and typing in a new title.


Choose whether to accept or dismiss the alert.

Default timeout

If the 'Default Timeout' property checkbox is not selected, then the timeout value will be set to 10 seconds unless changed manually. If the 'Default Timeout' property checkbox is selected, then the 'Default timeout' value selected in the flow settings (under “Max. run time”) will be applied.

Electron window

Once an Electron window is found and the focus is set, this property contains a handle to the window. This can be used in cases where multiple windows are open during when running a test in order to direct other building blocks to use a specific window.