Privileges Settings

The Privileges settings section can be used to make changes to default privileges.

Note: Privileges settings would be available if you are logged in as an administrator.

In the Privileges settings tab, you'll find two options: 

  • Allow Reader to run flows
  • Allow non-admin user to modify (or create new) Powershell scripts in the schedules

Note: The checkboxes are checked by default.

When the ‘Allow Reader to run flows’ checkbox is unchecked, it doesn’t allow reader to run the flows and the reader can only view the flows.

When the ‘Allow non-admin users to modify (or create new) Powershell scripts in the schedules’ checkbox is unchecked, it restricts non-admin users to modify or create new Powershell script in the schedules. However, the non-admin users will be able to execute the existing schedules, having Powershell script, which are set by Admin users.