Set Cursor Location


With this block, you move the cursor to a specific location and then it will be “Set” based on an exact position (row number and column number).

Building Block Header

The green input connector (top left) triggers this block to begin execution.

The green output connector (top right) is triggered when the cursor location has been successfully set.

You can always change the title of a block by double-clicking on it and typing in a new title.


This is based on a row number and column number.

Error Occurred

If “Set Cursor Location” returns an error during execution, you can use this output connector to branch your flow.

Default timeout

If the 'Default Timeout' property checkbox is not selected, then the timeout value will be set to 10 seconds unless changes manually. If the 'Default Timeout' property checkbox is selected, then the 'Default timeout' value selected in the flow settings (under “Max. run time) will be applied.

The Green Screen Recorder and building blocks are available with Enterprise plans.