Installation and Upgrades

Installing Leapwork is relatively straight forward and can be handled both manually and scripted as part of a central software management solution. The installation supports silent install, and it’s possible to configure what elements (Studio, Controller, Agent) in the Leapwork package, that should be installed on a machine.

All releases are distributed as one msi package containing all Leapwork elements.

You can read more about Installation of Leapwork in this section: Download & Install.

Upgrade Scenarios

Leapwork is aiming for 4 major release every year containing new major features and technical improvements. In addition to the major releases, smaller patches are released between the major releases. There are no obligations to install and upgrade to every release, but Leapwork strongly encourages to follow the major releases and install the patches if the patches are touching areas of your concern.

In a Leapwork setup, all elements need to have the same version. This means the upgrade should be planned and – if possible – orchestrated from a central position, to ensure Studio, Controller and Agents are on the same version. In most situations the upgrade is straight forward, but some releases can have a greater impact. In these scenarios e-mails campaigns and direct contact will help to ease the upgrade. You can also check the release portal to gain all information about the next upgrade: Release information

To perform an upgrade, do the following:

  1. Download the newest version of Leapwork from the download page: Download page
  2. Perform a backup of Leapwork before the upgrade or verify that the latest backup contains the right elements. See more about backup and restore here: Backup and restore
  3. Studio:
    Install the new version of Leapwork Studio on all machine with the Leapwork Studio installed.
  4. Agent:
    Install the new version of Leapwork Agent on all machine with the Leapwork Agent installed.
  5. Controller:
    1. Make sure that Leapwork Studio is closed down. If not, Studio users might see some error messages caused by the upgrade of the Controller. These error messages will not affect the upgrade process but can lead to a bad user experience.
    2. Stop the Controller, by closing down the ‘Leapwork Controller’ windows service, on the server machine hosting the Leapwork Controller.
    3. Install the new version of the Controller.
  6. Open Studio and verify the upgrade by connecting to the Controller.