The 'Generator' Building Blocks

Generator blocks are used to generate dynamic data such as random or sequenced numbers, passwords, date/time and more.

The Generate Number block can be used to generate random numbers with specific properties such as min/max ranges, odd/even and more. The Generate date/time block can be used to get the current system date/time (which can then be manipulated or offset with the Offset date/time block).

There are three generator building blocks such as:

  • Date and time generator:   Generate date\time is used to generate the system dates/times in region-specific formats. Date/time format can be selected by expanding the date/time field. date can be in year, month and day format. Time can be in hour, minute, second and millisecond format.
  • Number generator: Random numbers or sequence of numbers to specify the number of decimals to round the result. Also generate the odd, even and all type of numbers.
  • Password generator: Random password in region-specific, human-readable form with multiple formatting options (e.g. “John@007”, “johnSmith@123”, etc). It includes upper case character, number and symbol. 




Updated August 9th 2023.