The 'Generator' Building Blocks

Generator blocks are used to generate dynamic data such as random or sequenced numbers, pieces of text, e-mail addresses, dates, times and more.

The Generate Number block can be used to generate random numbers with specific properties such as min/max ranges, odd/even and more. The Generate date/time block can be used to get the current system date/time (which can then be manipulated or offset with the Offset date/time block).

Many other blocks are currently under implementation, including:

  • Text generator: Random snippets of language-specific, human-readable text with specific word-size and length.
  • Username generator: Random usernames in region-specific, human-readable form with multiple formatting options (eg. “John Smith”, “john_smith123”, etc).
  • E-mail generator: Random e-mail addresses, based on the username generator but with configurable random domain names as well (eg. “”).
  • Date and time generator: Sequenced or random dates and/or times in region-specific formats.
  • Image generator: Random images of varying sizes, colors and themes, taken from Google and Bing.


Updated January 12th 2018.