E-mail Settings

LEAPWORK is capable of sending e-mails in various ways.

For example, when configuring a schedule, it is possible to add an e-mail action to forward the results of the schedule to mail recipients. Another way to send an e-mail is to use the Send e-mail building block as part of a flow.

To send an e-mail, the LEAPWORK Controller needs access to an SMTP server, which is configured in the E-mail settings part of LEAPWORK’s settings. You will typically need to contact your mail and network administrators to ensure that the LEAPWORK Controller can access the SMTP server, and that you have the right credentials to be allowed to send e-mails.

Having established this access, it is easy to configure:

SMTP server: Hostname or IP address of the SMTP server. 

SMTP Username: The username for logging into the SMTP server.

SMTP Password: The password for the SMTP Username account.

Accept any certificate: This configuration instructs LEAPWORK to ignore any invalid SSL certificates in the communication with the SMTP server.

To test that the configuration is working correctly, click ‘Test connection’. This will do a login to the SMTP server to verify the SMTP Server, SMTP Username, and SMTP Password.

Clicking the “Send test mail”, will use the configuration to send a test e-mail to the e-mail address specified in the ‘From Mailbox’ field.