5.1 Agent Overview & Scheduling Assistant

Agent overview

When managing Agents from the main menu, it is now possible to get an overview of what Agents are used in which schedules and their current status.

The ‘Agents’ section displays all Agents, their associated schedules and the following details:

  • Run List

  • Schedule

  • Status

  • Last Run

  • Agents

Once you click on any Agent, the Agent overview list is filtered out. It could be filtered using the filter drop-down menu:

Schedule Assistant

For the Enterprise Edition, starting from the 2020.1 release, the advanced scheduler is expanded with a calendar overview of your Agents usage - both past and future - to help you plan better and understand resource utilization in minute details

It uses the calculated estimated run time for each run list, so it’s easy to understand which Agents are expected to be busy or free at a given time in the future. And when some runs end up taking longer than planned, the scheduling assistant gives a quick and visual calendar overview of how run lists are being queued up on your individual Agents.

  1. The Scheduling Assistant menu opens up when you click on “Open Calendar View” from the Agents section:

  2. The Scheduling Assistant contains a list of available Agents and a calendar view. Here you should be able to see all booked schedules on each Agent - future and past:

You can also see your own new schedule, so you can get an overview and plan which and when your schedule should run. 

Please note that the Scheduling Assistant feature is only available in the Leapwork Enterprise Edition