Get All Environments


'Get All Environments' returns a list of all Environments currently configured on the Controller. The returned list of Environments will give access to Name, IDs, UsedBySchedules etc. of the Environments which is needed to call other endpoints in the API. 

Request URL


Optional request parameters

if “temporary=true” parameter is set then environments will get the temporary schedules 



curl -X GET --header 'Accept: application/json' --header 'AccessKey: Mo87Nc4qDAtzJNDb' 'http://{controllerMachine}:{controllerPort}/api/v3/enviroments'


$headers = @{}
Invoke-WebRequest -Uri "http://{controllerMachine}:{controllerPort}/api/v3/environments" -ContentType "application/json" -Headers $headers -Method GET

Response Body

List of Variables


  "$id": "1",

  "UsedBySchedules": [


      "$id": "2",

      "ScheduleId": "5fe6164e-017b-45c8-adc5-8d7e7b560bd4",

      "ScheduleTitle": "Test"



  "HostName": "",

  "Port": 6777,

  "DisplayWidth": 1280,

  "DisplayHeight": 1024,

  "ConnectionTimeout": 10000,

  "ConnectionType": "RemoteAgent",

  "DateCreation": {

    "$id": "3",

    "Value": "2018-12-04T07:51:03.4600097+00:00",

    "LocalDateTime": "2018-12-04T13:21:03.4600097",

    "UtcDateTime": "2018-12-04T07:51:03.4600097",

    "Ticks": 636795066634600100


  "DateModify": {

    "$id": "4",

    "Value": "2018-12-04T07:51:03.4600097+00:00",

    "LocalDateTime": "2018-12-04T13:21:03.4600097",

    "UtcDateTime": "2018-12-04T07:51:03.4600097",

    "Ticks": 636795066634600100


  "Title": "Amazon WS2016",

  "Type": "Environment",

  "Id": "527653f0-f239-4173-9d5d-07a2184eb646"




Response Object

Field Type Description Values
$id String ID of internal item(Folder/ Flow/Element etc.)  
Title String Title of item  
Type String Type of item 'Folder','Flow','SubFlow','InteractiveImage',
IsDeleted Bool true/false   
DateCreation DapperDateTimeOffset Item Creation date  
DateModify DapperDateTimeOffset Item Modification date  
DapperDateTimeOffset Object Object holds values for DateCreation and DateModify "$id","Value","LocalDateTime",
Description String    
ConnectionType String   Type of Agent example remoteAgent
ConnectionTimeout Int    
IsDisabled bool    
IsAvailable bool    
LocalIdentifier string    
IsWebLocal Bool    
PixelRatio Int    
MobileDeviceOrientation String   portrait/landacape
MobileDevice String    
OSVersion String    
OS String    
OSType String    
UserName String    
UserProfile String    
UserAgent String    
BrowserVersion String    
BrowserHeight Int    
BrowserWidth Int    
Browser String    
Display Int    
DisplayHeight Int    
DisplayWidth Int    
Port Int    
HostName String    
UsedBySchedules Object List of schedule using the environment  List of {ScheduleId and ScheduleTitle}

Response Code

200 (OK)

404 (Not Found)

401 (Unauthorized)

400 (Bad Request)

500 (Internal Server Error)