Get All Schedules


'Get All Schedules' returns a list of all schedules currently configured on the Controller. The returned list of schedules will give access to names and IDs of the schedules which is needed to call other endpoints in the API.

Request URL




curl -X GET --header 'Accept: application/json' --header 'AccessKey: Mo87Nc4qDAtzJNDb’ 'http://localhost:9001/api/v3/schedules?api_key=Mo87Nc4qDAtzJNDb' 


$headers = @{}


Invoke-WebRequest -Uri "http://localhost:9001/api/v3/schedules" -ContentType "application/json" -Headers $headers -Method GET 


A list of all Schedule items is returned in the JSON response.

    "$id": "1",

    "IsEnabled": true,

    "IsScheduled": true,

    "DayOfWeek": "Tuesday, Wednesday",

    "DailyWindowPeriodEnd": "02:00:59",

    "DailyWindowPeriodStart": "01:30:00",

    "Repeat": "RepeatEvery",

    "RepeatMinutes": 1440,

    "DateCreation": {

      "$id": "2",

      "Value": "2018-09-03T12:04:30+00:00",

      "LocalDateTime": "2018-09-03T14:04:30",

      "UtcDateTime": "2018-09-03T12:04:30",

      "Ticks": 636715730700000000


    "DateModify": {

      "$id": "3",

      "Value": "2018-09-03T12:04:30+00:00",

      "LocalDateTime": "2018-09-03T14:04:30",

      "UtcDateTime": "2018-09-03T12:04:30",

      "Ticks": 636715730700000000


    "Title": "UAT",

    "Type": "ScheduleInfo",

    "Id": "587d3239-5ccb-402f-a1d1-46d907bd6eaa" 




Response fields


Field Type Description Values
$id string ID of internal object  N/A
IsEnabled boolean Is schedule Enabled/Disable status True | False
IsScheduled boolean The type of the schedule:
  • True: Scheduled
  • False: AdHoc
True | False
DayOfWeek string Days of week configured for a schedule of type “Scheduled”. 'No', 'Monday', 'Tuesday', 'Wednesday', 'Thursday', Friday', 'Saturday', 'Sunday', 'Workdays', 'Weekend', 'EveryDay'
DailyWindowPeriodEnd string End time configured for the ‘Daily run window’.  
DailyWindowPeriodStart string Start window configured for the ‘Daily run window’  
Repeat  string Repeat mode:
  • No repeat’: The schedule will only run once (ever) after it has been edited. 
  • ‘Repeat every’: The schedule should run with a specified number of minutes in between the runs.
  • ‘StartRightAfterLastRun’: Keep running the schedule in an infinite loop.
‘No Repeat', 'RepeatEvery', 'StartRightAfterLastRun'
RepeatMinutes number Number of minutes between 2 runs of a schedule (‘Repeat every’).  
DateCreation DapperDateTimeOffset Schedule Creation date  
DateModify DapperDateTimeOffset Schedule Modification date  
DapperDateTimeOffset Object Object holds values for DateCreation and DateModify "$id","Value","LocalDateTime","UtcDateTime","Ticks"
$id string ID of internal object  
Value string Saved date time  
LocalDateTime string Date time local  
UtcDateTime string Date time UTC  
Ticks number Date time in ticks  
Title string Unique Schedule Title  
Id string Unique Id of Schedule (ScheduleId)  


Response Code


200 (OK)

404 (Not Found)

401 (Unauthorized)

400 (Bad Request)

405 (Method Not Allowed)

500 (Internal Server Error)