Get Schedule Run Status


'Get Schedule Run Status' returns the execution status of a schedule identified by the ScheduleId. The returned response consists of current execution state of schedule in the form of ‘Finished’, ‘Executing', and ‘Queued' status.

This endpoint is used to check the current execution state of schedule, e.g. to check if the schedule is already running.

The ScheduleId is fetched from the Get All Schedules endpoint.

Request URL


Input parameters

Field Type Description Comments
scheduleId string Unique identifier for Schedule scheduleId can be fetched from response body of Get Schedule, it is referred as ‘Id’ there.



curl -X GET --header 'Accept: application/json' --header 'AccessKey: Mo87Nc4qDAtzJNDb’  'http://{controllerMachine}:{controllerPort}/api/v3/schedules/39f2b3e3-fa24-43e7-a2d6-38815128ac6c/status' 


$headers = @{}


Invoke-WebRequest -Uri "http://{controllerMachine}:{controllerPort}/api/v3/schedules/39f2b3e3-fa24-43e7-a2d6-38815128ac6c/status" -ContentType "application/json" -Headers $headers -Method GET


Returns current execution status of a particular schedule

    "$id": "1",
    "Status": "Executing"


Response object


Field Type Description Values
Status string Returns status of schedule "Finished/Queued/Executing" "Finished":
Finished is returned when all flows in schedule/run have finished their execution.

Executing is returned when the schedule/run is currently executing flow(s).

Queued is returned when all environments are consumed due to one or more schedule execution, in this situation if new schedule is triggered then it will be Queued (pause and wait) till the time at least one of the environment is available.


Response Code


200 (OK)

404 (Not Found)

401 (Unauthorized)

400 (Bad Request)

405 (Method Not Allowed)

500 (Internal Server Error)