AI Generate Block 

The AI Generate Block simplifies automated testing by supplying datasets that accurately replicate the data an application would handle in real-world scenarios. Fully expanded, the AI Generate Block shows the following properties: 


The Block Header (“AI Generate”) 

The green input connector in the header is used to trigger the block to start executing. 

The green output connector in the header triggers when the block execution is complete. 

The title of the block (“AI Generate”) can be changed by double-clicking on it and typing in a new title. 


This Input field is used to specify the data and attributes required for generating datasets, such as realistic and diverse text-based data including names, emails, and passwords. 


Click Add field to generate to input any number of fields that can contain dynamic content, such as Name, Email, Address, to be used as tokens in the block.

Note: These inputs cannot contain any special character.

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Created 26.4.24