AI Transform Block 

The AI Transform Block specializes in data transformation according to specific instructions provided by the user, facilitating complex and varied data manipulation operations within automated testing workflows. 

This block enables users to apply transformations such as format changes, data cleansing, and integration of data from disparate sources, ensuring that the data meets the necessary criteria for effective testing. Fully expanded, the AI Transform Block shows the following properties: AI-transform_block

The Block Header (“AI Transform”) 

The green input connector in the header is used to trigger the block to start executing. 

The title of the block (“AI Transform”) can be changed by double-clicking on it and typing in a new title. 


The Input field is used to enter initial data for transformation tasks such as text manipulation, numerical operations, or language translation. 


The Transform field specifies the instructions for the required transformation. 


The Output field defines how the transformed data is delivered. The output connector is triggered when the block has completed executing to deliver the transformed data. 


This field allows users to select the desired format for the output results. 

Default Timeout 

The Default Timeout sets the timeout value to 10 seconds if checked. If unchecked, the timeout follows the value specified in the flow settings. 

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Created 26.4.24