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Runtime Context Info

The Runtime context info block is used to fetch the details of the current flow context, typically as part of debugging efforts while a case is being built or maintained. This can also be used, in case, the values fetched at runtime are required for taking decisions/define alternative flows.

Fully expanded, the Runtime context info block shows the following properties:


The Block Header (“Runtime context info”)

 The title of the block (“Runtime context info”) can be changed by double-clicking on it and typing in a new title.

Flow name

The Flow name property contains the name of the flow at the time of execution.

Schedule name

The Schedule name property contains the name of the schedule which executes the flow containing the Runtime context info block.


The Environment property contains information related to the environment on which the flow is executed. This property can be expanded to reveal individual sub-properties for

  • Name: Environment Name (As defined in Environment configuration)
  • Type: Environment Type (Local, Remote Agent, SauceLab, BrowserStack)
  • Host: Environment Host Name (As defined in Environment configuration)
  • Port: Environment Port Number (As defined in Environment configuration)


The Username property contains the name of the user under which the flow is executed.

Machine name

This property contains the name of machine on which the flow is executed.


The Resolution property contains the screen resolution at the time of flow execution.


Updated December 27th 2018.